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Adam Young - Project Excelsior [Full Album] "The Highest Step In The World" Adam Young Scores [Track List] 00:00 01 The Pilot 03:41 02 Preparations 06:51 03 Helium Balloon 11:18 04 Ground Crew 14:47 05 The Ascent 18:32 06 The Highest Step in the World 21:48 07 The Jump 26:03 08 The Descent 30:48 09 On the Ground "In 2005, Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada released a music video featuring footage from Joe Kittinger’s famous parachute jump in 1960. That was my introduction to Project Excelsior, a series of high altitude jumps made by Kittinger from the edge of space with the purpose of testing parachute systems intended to be used by pilots ejecting from high altitude. In one of these jumps, Kittinger set world records for the highest parachute jump, the longest drogue fall and the fastest speed by a human through the atmosphere. Reading and daydreaming about Kittinger’s feats have inspired me enormously over the years, and I believe the sense of wonder and awe they instilled in me can be heard in the music I create. This score is the way I imagine the tremendous bravery of one man who ascended to the edge of space, said a prayer, and jumped." by Adam Young The cover art by James R. Eads Yeah, Helium Balloon is Snowfall! We finally got it. This score is so amazing!!! All contents Copyright © Sky Harbor Entertainment. No copyright infringement intended.

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