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Adam Young Scores - Apollo 11 "One Giant Leap For Mankind" full album 01 Launch 0:00 02 The Lonely Three 3:33 03 CSM-LM Docking 5:41 04 Trajectory Burn 7:48 05 400 Degrees Between Sunlight And Shadow 10:33 06 Lunar Landing 12:55 07 Mare Tranquillitatis 14:43 08 First Step On The Surface 16:21 09 Lunar Liftoff 18:08 10 Return To Earth 19:38 11 Re-Entry 21:16 12 Splashdown 23:48 "If there is a historical event I wish I could've witnessed more than any other, it may well be the events that took place during July 16-24, 1969. Men went to the moon, returned to Earth, and history changed forever. For as long as I can remember, I've marveled at the story of the Apollo 11 mission, and the older I get, the more inspired I feel. In the history of mankind, perhaps no other technological leap forward symbolizes the same imagination, humanity and wonder quite like the Apollo 11 mission does, and it is these types of emotions I want to capture with music according to the way I feel them. This is my interpretation of what happened in July of 1969." - Adam Young All tracks you can download from If you can please support Adam by buying this on itunes - Or stream on Spotify -

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