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Adam Young - The Spirit of St. Louis [Full Album] "New York To Paris" Adam Young Scores: [Track List] 00:00 01. Takeoff 03:14 02 Nova Scotia 05:57 03 Over Water 08:52 04 Stars Appear 11:12 05 The Thunderhead 14:08 06 Ice on Wings 15:55 07 The Fog 19:07 08 Fighting to Stay Awake 22:11 09 Land Ahead 24:39 10 Wheels Down "I composed 10 orchestral pieces to reimagine the story of the first man to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean." "How in the world do you guys know Seagulls? It was never released, I never even finished it. Until now :) It's not called Seagulls anymore." "Part of April's score is an interpretation of mystery, wonder and beauty." "100,000 people welcomed Lindbergh as he landed in Paris after 33.5 hours in the air. Aviation history was made and Lindbergh became a hero. Such a daring feat has always stirred my imagination and I’ve often caught myself daydreaming about that first solo flight. Air travel is something I take for granted today, but things were very different in 1927. Lindbergh’s groundbreaking triumph, after several others had tried and failed, will continue to inspire me for years." by Adam Young The cover art by James R. Eads Yeah Adam, we know everything ;p lol. And these are so mystery, wonder and beauty. Great! All contents Copyright © Sky Harbor Entertainment. No copyright infringement intended.

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