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Discord (Tavern) - Discord (Chin) - UNOFFICIAL ADVENTURE QUEST EQUIPMENT GUIDE! Hey what's going on everyone! I'm back yet again with another video, this time showcasing the all new Protoparagon Z-Token sets from the 50k token packages. DISCLAIMER: These items do not come in the same package, you need to buy them separately (it sucks, I know) Overall the items are actually pretty average, the art is absolutely gorgeous but the armors are really just your standard FO armors (with an SP healing MC, but that isn't so needed these days unfortunately), and the weapons spend SP to become a weaker Thrale-type weapon. The shield also spends SP to grant extra defense. Overall rating: 6/10 (just very bland and generic items) Fiend of Vergill, however, is an absolutely amazing item (neutral lean, fire/dark compression) for those who play a bit more unconventionally and love abusing statuses like poison and burn! It increases the damage of these two statuses by +25% damage and has amazing synergy with the recent Frostval Giftbox items which inflict a strong fire burn. Really awesome item which I would have showcased in the February GGB crossover video but it was still being created, and was only released recently. Overall rating: 8/10 If you have any questions about the video please feel free to ask, and also leave a like on the video and subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed and would like more AQ content! Songs: Breaking Benjamin - Feed the Wolf The Color Morale - Scar Issue

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