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LYRICS: Jenny: Hello, my name is Jenny Parker and these kids are my crew We're in a lot of trouble and I'm not sure what to do See it all started, when our phones made a switch. Lola lied to the parents, she's been a real witch. Kid snuck out, the kitchen caught fire, The car got towed, all because she's a liar. Bobby: Now these bad guys are chasing us. Katie: We almost just died. Emily: I got a tattoo. Lola: Can you let that one slide? Jenny: This girl is ruining my life, my job, my reputation And if we ever get home, I'm gonna need a vacation. But no matter what, I won't be a quitter Gonna care for these kids, cause I'm a ba-by-sitter. Everyone: She ain't no quitter She's the babysitter (Repeat x4) Lola: Hold up just a minute, that's not the straight scoop. This girl's so uptight, she's all tied in a loop. DJ: Ooh, looks like we have ourselves a battle of the babysitters. Lola: Uh, let's rewind this movie an hour or two. The kid snuck out, I didn't have a clue. (Trey: Yeah, That's true) Okay I admit it, I don't follow rules I'm not good with kids, I'm not good at school. It wasn't my plan to steal a car, Or end up in jail or take it this far. It's true, I lied, but nobody's died And these kids are having an incredible ride. Jenny: You think you know it all, but you don't know me. See I'm more than just, Miss Spelling Bee. Lola: Wanna be a real artist: Take pictures, get gritty, On your first night out in the big, bad city. You're a cool girl Jenny, but I'm pretty cool too. In fact, I'm just as great a babysitter as you, HA. Jenny: She's right. I'm smart and I do follow rules, I work real hard, and I care about school. There's a time for fun, to let go and climb trees, But I am a real artist, everybody say "Cheese." Everybody: We're ain't no quitters We're the babysitters We ain't no quitters We're the babysitters We're the babysitters (Repeat x3) We ain't no quitters We're the babysitters

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