adyashanti the great truth

Description - Adyashanti invites you to shed all ideas of what you think you are, including your spiritual worldview that the ego often identifies with. As your worldview drops away and you fully experience the unknown, a great truth and vitality can flower and move you in a way that is not in rejection of life.  Video Excerpted from “Be a Lamp unto Yourself”: Quotes from this Video: “Maybe life isn’t what you thought it was at all. Maybe what you thought should and shouldn’t be happening isn’t really true at all. Maybe you’re not who you thought you were, even a little bit, not at all.”   “Your spiritual worldview is another cloak that egos love to wrap themselves in and around. To our egos, spirituality is the easiest thing to delude itself with. It’s actually easier in spirituality than in any endeavor in life that I’ve seen.” "When you experience the unknown, there’s this sense that there’s some great truth about it, some great vitality. It feels real, even if you have no way of understanding it initially."

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