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VAPORWAVE RADIO • A comprehensive essential library of vaporwave including all of its glorious sub-genres. Our goal is to provide listeners with an authentic and highly aesthetic vaporwave experience! We stream LIVE 24/7. Lost? Check out this Vaporwave listeners guide for an introduction to the genre: You can find a listing of all played tracks from both of our streams here: Check out our other stream - NIGHT LOUNGE RADIO: Smile Machine Music is a zero-profit, passion project, being run out-of-pocket by a small group of friends. We do it for the love of music. We have highly enjoyed sharing music with you this past year and appreciate your support! Want to help? Please donate :) Patreon: StreamTIp: Smile Machine Music is your source for the music you want from the artists you have yet to discover! Our goal is simply to share great music and help promote amazing musicians. As supporters of independent and rising modern artists, we are thrilled to accept artist-submitted content and will play your music live on air! Hear something you like? Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information about the music we play and how you can support the artists. Links: YouTube Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Website: 24/7 LIVE VAPORWAVE | RETRO SYNTH | AESTHETIC RADIO Features Genres: Vaporwave, Vapormeme, Proto-Vapor, Vaportrap, Vaporhop, Futurefunk, VHS Pop, Late Night Lofi. Futurevisions, Mallsoft, Broken Transmission, Hypnagogic Drift, Eccojams, Faux-Utopian Visuals:

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