Taliban offensive in Afghanistan’s Ghazni leaves hundreds killed
Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) discusses how Taliban militants launched a surprise attack on the city of Ghazni.
Afghanistan Pashto News 15.08.2018 د افغانستان خبرونه
د افغانستان پښتو خبرونه - چهارشنبه د زمری ۲۴ Afghanistan 1TV Pashto News bulletin Wednesday 15th August 2018.
Afghanistan Pashto News 14.08.2018 د افغانستان خبرونه
د افغانستان پښتو خبرونه - سه شنبه د زمری ۲۳ Afghanistan 1TV Pashto News bulletin Tuesday 14th August 2018.
افغانستان در مقابل فلسطین - یکشنبه 28 اسد / Afghanistan VS Palestine - Sunday 19th August
بازی دوستانه افغانستان در مقابل فلسطین، یکشنبه 28 اسد بطور زنده از طلوع و لمر Afghanistan VS Palestine, Sunday 19th August LIVE...
Afghanistan Dari News 14.08.2018 خبرهای افغانستان
خبرهای شامگاهی افغانستان - تلویزیون یک دوشنبه 22 اسد Afghanistan 1TV Dari News Bulletin, Sunday,13,08,2018.
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How the battle for Ghazni could impact upcoming polls in Afghanistan
Hundreds have been killed in the battle for Ghazni between government forces and the Taliban over the last three days. Taking back the city, which lies on the ...
🇦🇫 Afghanistan: 20 civilians, 100 security forces killed in Ghazni | Al Jazeera English
A Taliban assault on the Afghan city of Ghazni has entered its fourth day with the death toll climbing above 300. Afghanistan's president called an emergency ...