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Hi guys!! Welcome to the first installment of Dear Cameron! Thanks for sending in all your questions! A lot of them were about my love life…so here’s an exclusive inside look. Subscribe so you don’t miss any of my new videos ▶ Do you have an interesting question for my next Dear Cameron? Drop me a line in the comments below. MAKE SURE TO TURN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOTIFICATIONS ON! Give it a thumbs up if you smiled :) Thanks for watching! 😊 Check out my previous videos: MAKEUP CHALLENGE JAPANESE STYLE (Feat. Rin Rin Doll) ▶ FILLING AARONS ROOM WITH 2000 BOXES (PRANK WAR) ▶ GOING TO SPACE ▶ DON’T PRESS THE RED BUTTONS IN TOKYO ▶ AM I RECORDING MORE MUSIC??? LIVE AT PTTOW! ▶ NEVER HAVE I EVER FT MY MOM AND SISTER ▶ I’M THE ROCKET LEAGUE CHAMPION ▶ REACTING TO ROAD RAGE AND SPORTS INJURIES ▶ CRAZIEST MOMENTS OF 2016 ▶

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