What Dan and Phil Text Each Other
Dan and I browse through some of our text messages and discover how weird we actually are! COME SEE US IN THE USA! ...
Easter Baking - BUNNY BISCUITS!
How to make delicious Easter Bunny Biscuits on a stick! (if you remember the stick) NEW WORLD TOUR DATES! Subscribe to ...
Reacting to my DELETED VIDEOS!
Download Rize for free on your phone to ENTER OUR CONTEST! Click here: Thanks to Rize for sponsoring our tour!
A Week in the Life of Dan and Phil!
COME SEE US IN REAL LIFE ON TOUR! UK starts in a week including Newcastle, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Cardiff ...
Exposing Our Instagram Explore Pages!
We go through each other's Instagram explore pages to see what kind of people we really are! COME AND SEE OUR STAGE SHOW IN YOUR TOWN!
Why I Changed My Emo Hair
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Viewers Pick My Outfits!
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Drawing My Viewers Challenge!
In celebration of 12 years on YouTube I challenge myself to draw some of my subscribers using a trackpad! (I'm sorry) (I tried) WORLD TOUR TICKETS!!
I listen to the voice in my head, become a slime channel and make some fluffy glow in the dark glitter slime (and destroy my bedroom in the process) ...
Phil is not on fire 9
COME AND SEE US ON 2018 TOUR! The whiskers are back and we're feeling fine, let's see what happens in Phil is not on fire 9 ...