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Ameesha Patel and Sanjay Dutt had a fracas at Rohit Dhawan's sangeet in Goa The incident irritated Dutt so much that he returned to Mumbai, without attending the wedding. Here's what happened. Ameesha came to the sangeet wearing a chaniya-choli that left most of her cleavage exposed. Dutt who is protective about the actress as she was good friends of his wife Manyata until recently, and also has been his co-star in several films, asked her to cover-up. Then he went a step ahead and took her dupatta from her shoulder and draped it around her to make her look 'decent', an act that didn't go down well with Ms Patel. It is learnt, that the actress felt it was not his business to tell her how to dress. She felt he'd overstepped a boundary for one, she and his wife were barely on talking terms, and recently Dutt refused two films that she had offered to him. Last month, she had approached Sanju to do a film directed by David Dhawan and the other by Priyadarshan, but the actor refused both citing unavailability of dates. Things between them got strained further after this. Says an industry insider, "Sanju is a very traditional guy who doesn't like women wearing revealing outfits. He politely told her that she was like his sister and shouldn't dress like that. He also took her duppatta (which she had taken on the side) and covered her bosom. He never imagined that she would have a problem with that. But Ameesha just took off. She started screaming and yelling at Dutt asking him who was he to tell her such things and what she did was none of his business. Sanju was taken aback and quietly walked off from the scene of the 'crime'. The next day he flew back to Mumbai."

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