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Recently, the US CIA agency praised North Korea's leader Kim Jong and described him as intelligent. A CIA expert praised the North Korean leader as an intelligent politician. The CIA gave this statement when recently US President Kim Jong was called Mad Man. The expert said that the US has to work wisely to fight North Korea. Young Suk Lee, deputy assistant director of the CIA's Korea Mission Center, said that, beyond the threats, Kim Jong is an intelligent man. In our country, it is the practice of reducing its conservatives. In one event, Lee said that his half-brother Kim Jong, in February, shows a brutal murder in Malaysia, that Kim's focus is on staying in power. Let us tell you that recently US President Trump has taunted North Korea's dictator Kim Jong. Trump said that it is a waste of time talking to North Korea on nuclear program. During the conversation with Pyongyang on Sunday, the US said this. Let us tell you that some time ago, US Secretary of State Rex Tylson had said that the US is in direct contact with India, and they have three means of talking to North Korea. But Trump has recently questioned his statement with the tweet made. Trump tweeted that there is no use of any conversation. Later, the US State Department said that North Korea has not shown any enthusiasm in talks with America.Indilinks News Network is the best portal through which you can share interesting news, photos and videos with your friends and all the people around you. Follow us on social : To Subscribe us, click Here Like our facebook Page , Click Here Follow Us on Twitter, Click Here

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