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In this video, I take a closer look at the latest variants of the Type 4, Rocket 33, and Rocket 44 speaker cables. For more info on these products, please click on the following link: Equipment used in this review: - Rosso Fiorentino Volterra - Rosso Fiorentino Elba - Harbeth Super HL5 Plus - Harbeth P3ESR - Totem Acoustic Hawk - ELAC F6 - Polk Audio T50 - Polk Audio LSI-m 703 - iFi LS 3/5a - Dayens Grande Mini - Infinity Kappa 600 - Ryan 610 - Pioneer BS21 - Holographic Audio Pre-25 - Holographic Audio AMP-17 - Dayens Menuetto - Vista Audio Spark - iFi iDAC 2 - iFi Retro Stereo 50 - AMR CD-777 - Karan Acoustic KA-I 180 - First Sound passive - Blue Circle Audio BC 1022

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