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Description AudioQuest JitterBug. What’s that? In a word: a USB Line Conditioner. And now you’re still clueless… What if we describe it like this: it’s a tweak that will, in a number of ways, make your digital music sound audibly better. And not just a little bit, but a lot. It’s quite easy to summarize in just three words what the AudioQuest JitterBug is: a USB Line Conditioner. - It cleans the 5 Volt USB power from a computer (or other device with USB ports) by removing noise, distortion and parasitic resonances (which sum up to the English umbrella term: Noise) If necessary, it can repair damaged and out-of-sync data packets in the USB signal path. - In which case you are talking about jitter; perhaps the biggest enemy of good digital music reproduction. So it’s a filter and a jitter-killer ... So the name is not simply chosen as ‘the next critter’ in the series that began with the AudioQuest Dragonfly. Where to use the AudioQuest JitterBug: 1. Use one AudioQuest JitterBug in series (in line) with any computer and USB DAC (digital-to-analog converter). 2. Use an additional AudioQuest JitterBug in parallel with the first for improved playback performance. 3. Use AudioQuest JitterBug with other locally connected USB devices, such as hard drives, printers, and cameras, to effectively reduce audio interference. 4. Use AudioQuest JitterBug with USB-enabled network devices, such as routers, NAS devices, and streamers. 5. Use AudioQuest JitterBug with mobile devices into audio systems in the home and in the car.

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