Art DJpre ii vs Rolls VP29: Phono Preamp Shootout
This video pits two budget phono preamplifiers against each other: the ART DJpre ii against the Rolls Vp29. Watch the video and let me know what you think.
New vs Vintage Turntable. Both the Same Price. Which One Should you Buy?
In this video I compare a U-turn Orbit Plus (a new turntable) to a Vintage Pioneer PL-540 from 1978. Both cost about the same amount of money right now. Should you buy the new record player...
AT95E vs Shure M92E
In this video we will compare the Audio-Technica AT95E to the Shure M92E. Enjoy.
Turntable Setup: Beginner's Guide
Turntable Setup Playlist: This video outlines everything you need to know to properly setup your record player. Includes...
How to Adjust Turntable Anti-Skate and What it Does
In this video I explain what the Anti-Skating feature (Bias Compensation) does on your Record Player. I'll show you how to adjust it perfectly. And, I will also explain why you do not want...
Shure M92E vs M97xE
Sub 100$ Cartridge Comparison Playlist: Let's compare two Shure Cartridges: The M92E and the M97xE.
Ortofon 2M Red vs Shure M92E
In this cartridge shootout video we will compare Ortofon's 2m Red cartridge to Shure's M92E.
Grado Black vs Shure M92E
My Cartridge Comparison Playlist: In this video we compare the Grado Black to the Shure M92E. Which phono cartridge...
Anti-Static Brushes: to touch a spindle?
As a follow up to my video demonstrating that Anti-Static Recorder Cleaning Brushes do not in fact remove static from Vinyl. Many commenters stated that they believed that holding a finger...
AT CN5625al vs Rega Carbon
In this video we will compare the sound produced by the Audio Technica CN5625al vs that of the Rega Carbon.