Understanding Awareness - The Staggering Depth Of Your Unawareness Revealed
Understanding Awareness - A discussion of the challenges and obstacles of raising your awareness, and what the spiritual journey entails. The Ultimate Life Purpose Course - Create Your Dream...
Mooji - The Power of Awareness
Extacts from: Now That You Have Found It — Keep Quiet! Source: Satsang with Sri Mooji Sunday Satsang Recorded at Monte Sahaja, Portugal 29th May 2016.
How to Expand Your Awareness
For more visit our website: ** Bob Proctor studied personal development material for nine years trying to understand why his life had improved dramatically in a short...
Two Kinds of Awareness
In this short teaching, Mingyur Rinpoche discusses the difference between normal awareness and meditative awareness. As he explains, we can cultivate meditative awareness by using every aspect...
How Mastering Awareness Can Reinvent Your Reality (law of attraction)
Mastering your awareness and observation can literally reinvent your reality. Through scientific understanding of the way in which the mind operates, and how it has the capacity to alter perception...
Dr Wayne Dyer. How To Reach a higher level of awareness and get what you really want.
Dr Wayne Dyer speaks how to reach a higher level of awareness.And how to get what you really really want from your life. ps://
Awareness Alone Is Curative - How To Auto-Correct Unwanted Behaviors
Awareness - Learn how to use the secret power of awareness to melt away any unwanted behaviors and bad habits. The Ultimate Life Purpose Course - Create Your Dream Career: http://www.actualized.or...
Awareness is not Located in the Body
Consciousness does not need a body in order to know itself.
Eckhart Tolle - Space, Awareness, Consciousness
The full 80 min. talk can be found at
The importance of self-awareness | Valon Murtezaj | TEDxPrishtina
Professor of leadership, diplomacy, and negotiation, Valon talks on the importance of self- awareness through sharing his multidisciplinary education and international experiences. His idea...