b4u naoki full version

This is a reupload of the full version of "B4U" by Naoki that can be heard in the arcade game Dance Dance Revolution (the short version to be specific). The reason I reuploaded this track was because the song would cut off at the near end. There is the full version that doesn't cutoff already, but the quality isn't too great. I made this version by taking the near full version of the song I found online, and then took the short DDR version that I also found online, took both versions & opened up the program Audacity, took the end part of the short version that was cut off from the full version, and connecting it to the full version. So I hope you enjoy this reupload of the song. Go here to download the track: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/yf1fhecekzp67i7/B4U_-_Naoki_-_DDR.mp3

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