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10 Best Action Movies of 2016 Subscribe to MOVIE MISTAKES - The Official MOVIE MISTAKES Channel on Youtube Watch More MOVIE MISTAKES: Latest Uploads: Most Popular: Top 10 Videos: Animated Movie: Content: #10. The Nice Guys 01:10 #9. X-Men Apocalypse 01:30 #8. Suicide Squad 01:05 #7. The Accountant 02:10 #6. Jason Bourne 02:30 #5. Star Trek Beyond 02:55 #4. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 03:15 #3. The Magnificent Seven 03:35 #2. Captain America: Civil War 03:55 #1. Deadpool 04:15 Follow #MovieMistakes: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: @MistakesStudios Official Website: About MOVIE MISTAKES: MOVIE MISTAKES, We bring you Fails, Bloopers, and Goofs that slip past editing and onto the Big Screen!

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