Auction Hunters: Pawn Shop Edition: Auction Bid Fail!
Carolyn and the boys go head-to-head to win a used 1968 Corvette Stingray in a storage unit. Unfortunately for Carolyn, her bid didn't go over so well. Gotta speak up, little lady. Tune in...
Bidding Wars - Ep 1404
Bidding Wars - Episode 1404 - Vicari Auction as seen on NBC Sports - Biloxi, MS.
Construction Estimating and Bidding Training
Contractor Success Series: Reviewing plans and specifications, job costing, manpower and materials, takeoffs, how assembled, bid submission, negotiation, award, procurement and change orders...
Is That Darrell Bidding?
Dave Hester loves to throw out bids just to cost people more money. Here's a compilation of him doing this to his favourite rival and others.
Blue ivy, Beyoncé and Jay Z bidding $19,000 for art
Tyler Perry Got into a Bidding War with Blue Ivy
Tyler talks about attending the Wearable Art Gala where he found himself in a bidding war with none other than Beyonce and Jay-Z's six-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Tourists Compete for...
White Chicks: The bidding.
The Bidding - Tally Hall
No copyright infringement intended. I bought the album and then I saw that the version on my CD wasn't on YouTube so I thought I'd upload it so people could hear what it's like.
Blue Ivy finesses Jay-z and Beyonce with a 17k art bidding at the we are able art gala
Blue Ivy was about to cop an art piece of 17k but Jay-Z wasn't feeling it.
Bid Process: The secret to a successful construction project - Spaces for Life by Lance McCarthy
By Lance McCarthy Lance McCarthy Lance McCarthy My 6-year-old has been honing his comedy skills, and discovered the impatient cow joke. You know this one? ***Spoiler alert*** I'm telling...