Paracordist How to Plan Turks Head Paracord Handle Wrap Project - Leads? Bights? Length of Cord?!/Paracordist Hello friends! I've just put up a very unique video explaining ...
Quick Bights: How to test safety shears / rope end trimming
An answer to 2 common questions we get. "How do I test my new safety shears with out damaging my new rope?" and "Why does my new TwistedMonk rope ...
How to tie a 5L 8B turkshead (and multiple bights)
Here I show a missing puzzle piece in the quest to tie all 5L turksheads without the use of grids and pins. It was inspired by Loren Damewood's excellent video ...
Fight Bights
Quick-Bights: Unbundling Your New Rope
How do you get your new TwistedMonk rope out of those tight, signature bundles?
Hose/Nozzles - V Split Middle Bights
Tying Knots By Crossing The Bights on 5 Part 8 Bight Casa Knot
Introduction To Turk's-Head Knots Video Series on Tying Knots By Crossing The Bights on The 5 Part 8 Bight Casa Knot.
How to tie a 10L 18B Barberpole bracelet (with o3u3 bights)
Here I show how to interweave two identical fan knots, as shown in in different sizes in previous videos, to form a kind of Barber Pole with o3u3 bight rims.
Quick-Bights "how do I join two pieces of rope"
Answering one of the most common questions we get, how to extend the length of rope. This quick, simple method works with both finished and unfinished ...
7 Parts 6 Bights Turks head
7 Parts 6 Bights Turks Headの編み方.