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0:00 2049 3:38 Sapper's Tree 5:14 Flight to LAPD 7:02 Rain 9:29 Wallace 14:53 Memory 17:26 Mesa 20:36 Orphanage 21:50 Furnace 25:32 Someone Lived This 28:46 Joi 32:38 Pilot 34:55 Suspicious Minds 39:18 Can't Help Falling in Love 42:20 Hijack 47:52 That's Why We Believe 51:31 Her Eyes Were Green 57:49 Sea Wall 1:07:42 All the Best Memories Are Hers 1:11:05 Tears In The Rain I'm no responsible for any of the Ads on my channel. all videos are monetized by copyright owners. Check out my Channel for more Awesome music!!! Blade Runner 2049 - Best of Synthwave, Cyberpunk Mix [Music Inspired By The Motion Picture] Blade Runner Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Dark Season 1 - A Netflix Original Soundtrack ► 80's Songs + Noir Music Winter Nights ► Synthwave, Retro Electro Chill out Mix Stranger Things Season 2 Best Songs ► Back To The 80's Mix 80's Lovers ► Best of Synthwave, Retro Electro, Synthpop Mix Lonely Winter ► Relaxing Music Mix Synthwave, Retro Electro City Lights ► Best Synthwave, New Retrowave Chill Mix Darksynth Ultimate Cyberpunk Edition Vol:1 - Aggressive Synthwave, Futuresynth, Retro Electro Mix Darksynth Ultimate Cyberpunk Edition Vol:2 - Aggressive Synthwave, Futuresynth, Retro Electro Mix Sense8 Season 1 Complete Soundtrack Sense8 season 2 complete soundtrack *************************************** All rights belongs to respective owners. If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please send me a message, this includes artists of the image used as well.

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