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Blakely had a terrible accident while she and her family were on vacation in Florida. She was hit by a car in a parking lot and broke her leg. This video takes place 6 weeks after the accident. Here Blakely gets her old purple cast removed with a cast saw. Then she has her leg X-Rayed again for the umpteenth time. Following that, the doctor determined that Blakely has healed to the point that she no longer needs a long cast. The orthopedic technician lets Blakely pick the color of her new cast, which of course is pink! The whole procedure was a little scary, but Blakely is pretty tough. After she’s all set, she uses facetime to show Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Spencer her new cast. Check back to see Blakely continue to heal and deal with her broken bones! Click here to see Blakely's first cast: Be sure to subscribe for more videos! My Official Links: Whitney's YouTube Channel: Whitney's facebook: Whitney’s Instagram:

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