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Bollywood's Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions - 2015 Wardrobe Malfunctions in Bollywood are the most talked about and sure bring a lot of embarrassment to all. However there are some top wardrobe malfunctions which bring forth the careless attitude of the divas and the dudes. Alia Bhatt Famous for being the butt of memes with her not so very candid remarks, Alia also showed she has not trained to sit well when in public. Here we have a sneak peek of her thin thighs! Sonam Kapoor The beautiful diva who is a fashion symbol of sorts showed her callousness in this beautiful pink outfit where she inadvertently also reveals her not so big assets. Who cares if they are big or small, Sonam’s error is everyone’s pleasure. Radhika Apte Whoa! Radhika Pate is already famous for her nude scenes online and now with this red innerwear she peps up some red hot chilli pepper imaginations for all. Richa Chadda The much acclaimed actress only showed all is not well if they end well. Here the gown has ended well but the inner wear decided to peep out. Not at all ladylike what say? Akshara Hasan The gal made a spunky entry in Bollywood but equally spunkier is her innerwear. Certainly a myriad combo the innerwear was everyone’s eye candy in this session where she looks glamorous in a black outfit. Huma Qureshi So do they do it intentionally or was Huma really unaware of the transparency of her lovely fitting evening gown? Well all that we could lay our eyes on are Huma’s perfect assets through her gown. Ekta Kapoor Known to churn out a masala mix of sorts on television, the serial queen Ekta was found wanting of some more cloth in this lovely red do. Okay Ekta we know you have huge ones now that you have shown us! Payal Rohatgi Also famous for other stints on television Payal perhaps did not realize that the secret to remaining stylish is not wearing revealing clothes but in wearing them with care and subtlety. Guess it is time for P Payal to take tips from other divas in the industry? Ileana D’Cruz Very gorgeous and loved by all, Ileana goofed up in this dress where the area around her arm endings is seen. With such a lovely gown cut out for her, Ileana could well have been careful. Kriti Sanon Obviously in a Dilwale do, Kriti revealed more than anyone did about the movie itself . Her white innerwear was surely a welcome treat for all.

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