Branch's Apology Song | TROLLS: THE BEAT GOES ON!
Branch asks Creek for forgiveness with a special song - written and composed by Creek himself. Sing along with Trolls: The Beat Goes On! on Netflix! Follow DreamWorksTV! instagram - https://inst...
TROLLS Cute Baby BRANCH Singing And Death Of GRANDMA Sad Moment! Branch Memorable Moments HD
Michelle Branch - All You Wanted (Video)
2006 WMG All You Wanted (Video)
Trolls Poppy & Branch Amusement Park Roller Coaster Day With Their Kids
Trolls parody where Poppy & Branch go to an amusement park with their baby kids. Poppy and Branch have roller coaster, ferris wheel and spinning teacups ride fails at the amusement park. Poppy...
Dreamworks Trolls Poppy + Branch Newborn- DIY Do It Yourself Custom Toy Video
Dreamworks Trolls Poppy and Branch - What will the newborn baby look like? Let's create her by customizing a Troll with acrylic paint! Its so fun and simple! Enjoy this fun video cookie fans!...
Trolls Poppy Turns Branch Happy and Save DJ Suki from the Bergans. Totally TV
Trolls Poppy and Branch Like Each Other after After True Colors Song with Memorable Moments Subscribe: Trolls movie parody. Poppy and DJ Suki are having a wonderful time...
The Best of: Michelle Branch
Check her music out on iTunes: 1. 0:00 Breathe 2. 3:32 Wanting Out 3. 7:23 Loud Music 4. 10:47 Goodbye to You 5. 14:44 Everywhere...
Michelle Branch - Are You Happy Now? (Video)
2005 WMG Are You Happy Now? (Video)
TROLLS - Branch VS Spiders ! - Movie Clip (2016)
TROLLS - Branch VS Spiders ! - Movie Clip (2016) ☆ The Best ANIMATED Films are HERE ▻ ☆ Subscribe HERE and NOW ▻ DreamWorks' TROLLS...
Poppy vs Branch DANCE OFF + Total TROLLS Takeover! | YOUR COMMENTS COME TO LIFE!
Trolls have TAKEN OVER! This week, Branch, Poppy, DJ Suki, Cooper, Biggie, and the rest of the gang are running the show on Your Comments Come to Life! Facebook: @Trolls (