What Happens When You Drop A Penny Off The Empire State Building? DEBUNKED
Can throwing a penny off of the top of the Empire State Building lead to a murder charge, and what is surprisingly more deadly? About Debunked: We love making these videos but can only work...
Underground Beach Hut Build
I love digging holes on the beach so this is taking it to another level. I've always thought if i brought wood to stop the sides from collapsing then i could a brilliant underground room...
Bushcraft Camp: Full Super Shelter Build from Start to Finish.
This is all 13 Bushcraft Camp Update episodes merged into one, with no talking, just pure bushcraft shelter building. Featuring the Hunting Tower with ladder, Dog House, Giant Lean-to shelter,...
WORLDS BIGGEST BUILDING..?! | Fortnite Funny and Best Moments Ep.16
WORLDS BIGGEST BUILDING..?! | Fortnite Funny and Best Moments Ep.16 (Fortnite Battle Royale) HUGE GIVEAWAY! (4x 25$ xbox, 5x 20$ playstation and 5x 20$ steam gift cards = 40k Worth...
Building a Large Outdoor Staircase
Big thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this video. Check out for your project needs. For a written tutorial check out my blog at
Building a Solar Powered Workshop
A full post with cost info and product specifications: follow me on instagram for project updates:
Building A Super Shelter In The Woods (Part 2)
In this episode Survival Lilly builds a shelter for 2 people. It is the expansion of the bug out camp that has been build a couple of months ago and cut together from free parts of building....
Building a Secret Door Part 1 || DIY
The first part in a two part video series where I build an automatic secret door. Patreon: PARTS USED: - Pulley Guide (Wheels):
Pantropy - PVP Survival Mech Building Game Deal! Pantropy Multiplayer Gameplay Ep 1
Pantropy Gameplay! PVP Survival Mech Building Game Deal! How to Mech? Let's find out! Support me on Patreon ▻ The Stuff and Things Store ▻
Building A Maze - Fortnite Battle Royale
We build a maze in Fortnite! Livestreamed on Twitch: Discord: Twitter: Instagram: