cast saw

cast removal.
Synthetic Lower Leg Cast Removal
Conveniently and safely remove Plaster of Paris and synthetic casts with the BSN Cast Saw or BSN Cast Saw & Vacuum.
Short Arm Cast Removal (Cast Saw)
Courtesy of OT Class 2012.
Cast Removal.
How a cast gets cut off using a osculating saw.
The dude gets his arm cast removed and to his surprise gets another one... Little did anyone know he had stored a few items in the cast while it was on. Its a crazy doctor appointment for...
Cast Cutter is safe
👦🏽Boy EXCITED to get his CAST OFF!👍
Tayden gets his cast off! Dyches Fam Merch : SUBSCRIBE to DYCHES FAM ✅: ...
Saw Actors - Then and Now 2014
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How To Bivalve A Tight Cast
In this video we demonstrate how to bivalve a cast that is too tight.
The casting saw tickles her