cast saw

cast removal.
The dude gets his arm cast removed and to his surprise gets another one... Little did anyone know he had stored a few items in the cast while it was on.
Synthetic Lower Leg Cast Removal
Conveniently and safely remove Plaster of Paris and synthetic casts with the BSN Cast Saw or BSN Cast Saw & Vacuum.
Cast Removal.
How a cast gets cut off using a osculating saw.
Getting cast On and Off with a buzz saw
This video is about Getting cast On and Off.
How To Bivalve A Tight Cast
In this video we demonstrate how to bivalve a cast that is too tight.
Saw Stop - This guy puts a finger into an active table saw blade & comes away without a scratch!
Like Technology? WATCH as my 2 color blind sons see color for the first time with new EnChroma color blind glasses!
Oscimed 2000 Cast Saw
The Oscimed 2000 is a powerful, quiet cast removal system. These instructions illustrate how to perform the initial setup of the saw and vacuum first use.
Leg Cast Removal 👨‍⚕️👣
Getting my final cast removed 6 weeks after ankle surgery.
Cast removal saw in use.