cast saw

cast removal.
Synthetic Lower Leg Cast Removal
Conveniently and safely remove Plaster of Paris and synthetic casts with the BSN Cast Saw or BSN Cast Saw & Vacuum.
Cast Cutter is safe
Cast Removal.
How a cast gets cut off using a osculating saw.
Short Arm Cast Removal (Cast Saw)
Courtesy of OT Class 2012.
How To Bivalve A Tight Cast
In this video we demonstrate how to bivalve a cast that is too tight.
The casting saw tickles her
Cast saw
Don't cut me!
cutting a cast off
This video shows what it's like to have a cast cut off. The doctor used a saw. Well it wasn't exactly a saw. However it looked like a saw and it sounded like a saw.
Check Out My Weekend Vlog #178 - SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS TWICE A WEEK! Today I got to the hospital to finally get my cast removed and the pin taken out of my hand!...