catfish tournament

1st Place Catfish Tournament Octoraro Lake 9/18/15 , with assistance from 1rod1reel
Got 1st place at a catfish tournament in South Central Pennsylvania, 2 channel cats 6lb-7lb, a bullhead and a white cat. Fishing was pretty slow, but I lucked out ...
2018 Cabela's Catfish tournament on Santee Cooper
Trevor and I headed east to South Carolina to continue chasing our points for the season. We didn't have a clue how hard bait was going to be to get so we ...
Gallipolis king kat catfishing tournament
In this video Chris Souders of Slunger Cat Outdoors takes you along on the water as he prepares for the Cabelas King Kat catfishing tournament in Gallipolis ...
Potomac River Catfish Tournament- 1st Place!!! & Big Fish!!!
Exactly 1 month ago I entered my first catfishing tournament with my friend Chris and we got 1st PLACE!!! Here's a little recap of some of the fish we caught and ...
Ohio Valley River Cats 2013 Catfish Tournament Extended Version (47 min)
2013 Ohio Valley River Cats Catfish Tournament Rising Sun, Indiana.
Catfish Mafia Tournament Series-Battle on the Potomac 2016
Team net benders and their fishless tournament expedition..overall great weekend,here's what I saw from my point of view.
Fishing new waters for the Monsters on the Ohio Catfish Tournament
Fishing with tournament director Aaron Wheatley while visiting the newburg pool on the ohio river near Owensboro Kentucky looking for some new water to fish ...
Wheeler lake catfish tournament
We ended up getting 3rd place missing 2nd by 1lb. Congrats to Shon McHorder for 1st place and his 75lb beast he weighed in.
catfish tournament live tank! (akwalung install)
installing a akwalung live tank stabalizing/filtration system.
Capt. Mad Jack's Catfish Tournament
Hey guys, had a great time at the Captain Mad Jack's catfish tournament. Fishing was slow, but it was a lot of fun. Check out the other channels and links for ...