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And just like that, Cuphead finally made us go insane. The rest of this playthrough may literally just be us speaking in tongues... We finally hit a wall, this boss was so hard. I know it might not look it, but this was the first time in the playthrough that we had to walk away from the game for awhile. My god is Cuphead taxing on your mental state. Love my Cuphead lets play? Do you want to feel as angry, frustrated, and victorious as we do when facing these Cuphead bosses? Then head over to GOG and get Cuphead here! ►► Cuphead is a run and gun platform indie video game developed and published by StudioMDHR Entertainment. Played on PC; also available on Xbox One. With a 1930s art style that creates a truly unique gameplay experience, combined with a high-difficulty skill level that can only get worse with Cuphead co-op mode, this is gonna be one interesting lets play... After this boss we had to walk away from the game, what was the last boss that caused you to walk away for a bit? • Interested in helping me create content? Support the Patreon: • Watch Cox n' Crendor on • Listen to Cox n' Crendor in the Morning! The best PODCAST! On iTunes!: • Stay connected! Twitter - Facebook - • Send your fan mail to: Jesse Cox PO Box 7939 Torrance, CA 90504

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