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Please read!!! Open the fold!! In this video/livestream we take on Kritika Online. I did not have high hopes for this game and expected a very dull experience. While the game may end up being repetitive, for my first 3 hours and impressions I had a good time. It seemed way too easy at first but eventually got difficult. I plan on playing this more with friends and will probably upload livestreams/gameplay to my second channel which you can find linked below. Please keep reading!! As you can see, this style of video is a more 'first impressions' style of video rather than a overview like I usually do. There haven't been any mmo's or games that have sparked my interest enough to make consistent content for the main channel. Code Vein is probably the only game and there isn't any new info at the time of making this video. I have been live-streaming full time for years now but as of now, I will be kicking it into overdrive. More livestreams and for a longer duration. I will also be uploading more videos to my second channel. IRL videos, livestream highlights, past broadcast, and random stuff. If you subscribe, I hope you are ready for lewd and random content. I enjoyed streaming this game and editing this video because there were some funny moments. I know most of you guys prefer the overview type vid but that takes a lot of work and is much more tedious. I rather give you guys more REAL first impressions and with me livestreaming more, this makes it that much easier. I definitely have been overworking myself with my sticker/clothing brand, 2 youtube channels and livestream.. so please don't hate me for only wanting to upload what I want and when I want to this channel. I hope you understand, thank you! Video is 720p because OBS stopped recording so I had to use livestream footage. 2nd Channel: Kritika website: Kritika Twitter: (please redeem codes from the launcher and not website!! if you have issues with your code, contact the team on twitter!) THIS IS NOT SPONSORED! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Patreon ► 2nd Channel ► Shop Lewd Stuff (NSFW)► Donate ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Facebook ► MMOsite ► My Artist Nat ► My Artist Raven ► http://www.onmyyouji_raven My Artist Tayori ► My Artist Janie ► My Artist Godfall ► My Artist Renpai ► **Sponsored** Try Loot Anime & $upport Cryy ► Use code 'cryy' for 10% off any crate at checkout! Use code 'CRYYFUU' for bonus Jlist points when you spend $20 or more at (NSFW)

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