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Merch: iTunes: Germany: Gimme that canvas let me paint some shit Pass me some poison let me take a hit I'm just embarrassed and comfortably numb But failure is painful and lying is fun Dress code, cocktails, looking so fancy We feel like we're a little bit classy Cheers to the fact that we're not dead Swimmin with the sharks, but we're still not dead yet Psycho, I go Right to buy those Optimistic, magic fix it pills I'm so right though, Thats my life, bro Underwater Coughing with my gills Don't let this moment go to waste you don't know when the feeling could happen again Touch me, taste me, tell me I'm not fading Tell me that I look just like a man 'Cause lately baby I've been going crazy Trying not to be an embarrassment I'll go in cryo and return to life ho And make a Bisque, some tomato basil shit Riding a rhino pico de gallo Roosters beak, I'll sleep when I leap that jeep Don't close your eyes tonight Perfect melodies are hard to find I got a feeling we could touch the sky Let's live in this delusion that we don't live in perpetual confusion and there's meaning to our lives Hades arc Golden tarp Black hole Slack is for Slack for cutting me more Mountain Fountain Shrieking Preaching Slack is for Slack is for cutting me Slack is for cutting me more For every little bit of sunshine I call freedom White 21 is the maximum fun

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