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Notes: Session 4 -- Deviancy in Aqeedah & Session 5 -- Moving Forward: Applying the knowledge in our lives _________________ An Introduction to 'Aqeedah - Session 1 of 4 - Tim Humble Tawheed and Ittibaa - Absolute Monotheism & Following the Messenger - Session 2 of 4 - Tim Humble Allah's Perfect Names and Attributes - Session 3 of 4 - Tim Humble Deviancy in Aqeedah - Session 4 of 4 - Tim Humble _______________ WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THESE LAST 2 SESSIONS Introduction For every belief that we have spoken about (and those that we haven't covered), there is a deviancy in belief which corresponds to it. For example, for each of the six pillars of faith, there are deviations which correspond to each of the six pillars. A History of Deviancy in Aqeedah ● The time of prophet hood -- almost no deviancy; primary concern is from the Jews. ● The time of the companions -- the appearance of the Qadariyyah, the Khawaarij, and the early Shī'ah. - The hadith of Hudhayfah and 'Umar - The death of 'Umar - The plots of the munaafiqeen against 'Uthmaan - The death of 'Uthmaan - The split of the companions - The death of 'Ali ● The time of the umayyids -- deviancy spreads, but is still in its infancy. - The consensus about obeying the ruler, and the events which lead to it. - Ja'd ibn Dirham and Jahm ibn Safwan -- the Jahmiyyah - Waṣil ibn Aṭaa (131 AH) and 'Amr ibn 'Ubayd (d. 143 AH) and the beginning of the Mu'tazilah ● The time of the 'abbasids (132AH onwards) -- Greek philosophy is translated, and deviancy becomes wide spread, including the names and attributes of Allah. _________ Session 5 -- Moving Forward: Applying the knowledge in our lives _________ ABOUT THE SPEAKER - Muhammad Tim Humble is from Newcastle England & graduated from the famous faculty of hadeeth and Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Madinah in 2011. He accepted Islam at the age of 14 & is currently involved with a dawah organisation called IDC North East which is based in & around Newcastle. _____________ RECORDED AT Muhammadi Masjid, Keighley U.K For more information on regular lectures taking place in the in the north of England. uk. please go to - Like DigitalMimbar on Facebook: Follow DigitalMimbar on Twitter:

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