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Here are the facts of the mysterious and ancient things that have been found by archaeologists in Siberia like an actual Unicorn!! Subscribe to Talltanic 5. Mammoth Tusks The polar ice caps melting is bad. Let’s get that out of the way. This mammoth tusk is awesome, though. Mammoth tusks are extremely valuable, not only because they are from extinct animals, but also because they are a loophole on the ban on ivory trade. With the ice caps melting, more and more of these tusks are being found. It’s opened up a new profession, “tusk hunters”. This tusk was found in Siberia in 2012 and it was worth about 100,000 dollars. That tusk is the most complete mammoth tusk found that year. Tusk hunting isn’t always profitable, though. Since it is largely a chance business, most hunters only find a couple pounds a season. Scientists are definitely not found of these tusk hunters, though, who couldn’t find a lot of data in the tusks. 4. Preserved Cave Lions This discovery of 10,000-year-old cave lions is one of the most well-preserved discoveries of this kind. The cats were so well preserved that they may well be much older than 10,000. Remains of these ancient cats are very rare. Previously we only had partial skeletons and bones of the species. This find is similar to several other amazing ancient animal findings. This large amount of findings is caused mostly by the rapid melting of the ice caps. South Korea actually wants to clone the cave lions found, along with the well-preserved wooly mammoths that have been popping up more and more. The extinction of the cave lions has no definitive cause because the animal was known to have almost no predators and was larger than most herbivores. South Korea was only given a small sample of tissue from the bodies, though, they are not sure if they will even be able to use it. Siberia was protective of the specimen; however, they did previously give them a large wooly mammoth sample. 3. Sword of Ivan the Terrible This sword has an interesting history. The sword was found by accident in 1975 in Siberia at the base of a tree. The sword has remained much of a mystery since then because there isn’t supposed to be anything like this in Siberia. The sword was most likely made in Central Europe, the sword also has distinct Swedish influences. It possesses Nordic runes along its hilt and the silver that the handle was made of is most likely Nordic as well. A recent theory has popped up that the sword might actually be the sword of Ivan the Terrible. Ivan the Terrible was a Russian prince and Zar from 1533 to 1584. He had a mixed reign, he struggled with mental instability and was harsh on the Russian nobility but, he was very popular among the common people of his time. Nobody's quite sure how the swords resting place ended up in Russia but, the recent theory is that the blade was taken from the armory of Ivan the Terrible during the Conquest of the Khanate of Sibir which was the starting point of Russia’s capture of Siberia. Theories are still raging and there is no definitive answer about the sword but, the finding and the sword itself are pretty awesome. 2. Mystery Creature This strange creature was found in a diamond mine in the Sakha Republic. It looks weird and nobody's quite sure what it is yet. The creature was remarkably well preserved, though. It still has fur and some of its brain. The animal was taken in for some testing at the Sakha Republic capital city. With no dating done on the animal yet, the timeline that we have from the region itself is 252 to 66 million years. Quite the margin of error. There are some guesses about what the animal could have been with most guessing to be some kind of weasel. It’s hard to tell from the mummified corpse of animals what it once was because of the distortion that happens when organic material decays. Some people are even guessing that the animal might be the remains of a new dinosaur, which would be an exciting discovery, to say the least. 1.Giant Craters The mystery craters were found in Siberia in 2014. There was a big mystery surrounding them for quite some time with several geologists calling for an investigation into the strange phenomenon. There is 5 craters total. Strangely, not all of them formed the same way. The larger, solitary holes, are believed to be melted pingos. Pingos are large mounds of ice that are covered by Earth. The melting of pingos is not uncommon but, this particular spot is on intersecting fault lines. It's believed that most of the craters were formed when cracks formed on the inside of the pingo and natural gas leaked inside and erupted the ice. The water evaporated because of the warmth coming in through the cracks, leaving 260 feet wide and nearly 200 feet deep. This particular storm of events has never happened and it is an entirely new phenomenon. The crater is currently quickly filling with water. Soon the craters will be nothing but, big giant lakes.

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