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1.Walt Disney Pictures Intro 00:00 ~"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"~ 2.With A Smile And A Song 00:34 3.I'm Wishing 02:30 4.One Song04:27 5.Someday My Prince Will Come 05:57 ~"Cinderella"~ 6.Cinderella Medley 08:08 ~"Sleeping Beauty"~ 7.Once Upon A Dream 12:01 ~"Alice in Wonderland"~ 8.Alice in Wonderland15:49 ~"Mulan"~ 9.Reflection 19:46 ~"The Lion King"~ 10.Circle of Life 24:09 11.Can You Feel The Love Tonight 28:08 ~"Beauty and the Beast"~ 12.Prologue 32:15 13.Belle 34:53 14.Bell(Reprise)39:40 15.Home(Beauty and the Beast The Broadway Musical)40:41 16.Gaston 45:08 17.Be Our Guest 48:23 18.If Can't Love Her(Beauty and the Beast The Broadway Musical)52:09 19.Something There 56:50 20.Human Again(Beauty and the Beast The Broadway Musical)59:02 21.Beauty and the Beast 1:03:55 22.The Mob Song 1:06:37 23.Transformation/Finale 1:08:55 ~"The Little Mermaid"~ 24.Fathoms Below 1:14:31 25.Main Titles 1:16:21 26.Fanfare 1:17:43 27.Daughters of Triton 1:18:05 28.Part of Your World 1:18:46 29.Under the Sea 1:22:20 30.Part of Your World(Reprise)1:25:22 31.Poor Unfortunate Souls 1:27:46 32.Tour of the Kingdom 1:30:27 33.Les Poissons 1:31:50 34.Kiss the Girl 1:33:26 35.Happy Ending 1:36:14 ~"Dumbo"~ 36.Baby Mine 1:39:22 ~"Winnie the Pooh"~ 37.Winnie the Pooh 1:41:50 ~"Tangled"~ 38.When Will My Life Begin? 1:44:28 39.When Will My Life Begin?(Reprise2)1:46:49 40.I've Got A Dream 1:48:55 41.I See The Light 1:52:02 ~"The Aristocats"~ 42.Scale and Arpeggio 1:56:09 43.Everybody Want's to be a Cat 1:57:45 ~"Pete's Dragon"~ 44.It's Not Easy 2:02:09 ~"Aladdin"~ 45.Arabian Nights 2:05:28 46.One Jump 2:06:37 47.One Jump(Reprise)2:08:46 48.Proud of Your Boy 2:09:42 49.A Million Miles Away(Aladdin The Broadway Musical)2:12:09 50.Friend Like Me 2:15:40 51.Prince Ali 2:18:06 52.A Whole New World 2:21:02 ~"Peter Pan"~ 53.You Can Fly!2:23:42 54.Second Star to The Right 2:27:27 ~"Oliver and Company"~ 55.Good Company 2:31:17 ~Pocahontas~ 56.Just Around The Riverbend 2:33:55 57.Color of the Wind 2:36:34 58.Farewell 2:40:31 59.If Never Knew You2:45:36 ~The Hunchback of Notre Dame~ 60.The Bells of Notre Dame 2:51:23 61.Out There 2:57:11 62.Topsy Turvy3:01:39 63.God Help the Outcasts3:07:09 64.Heaven's Light3:10:17 65.Hellfire3:12:28 66.The Court of Miraclese 3:16:45 67.Someday3:18:16 ~Hercules~ 68.Go the Distance3:21:16 69.Go the Distance(Reprise)3:24:14 70.Zero to Hero 3:25:10 71.I Won't Say I'm in Love 3:27:32 ~"The Jungle Book"~ 72.Bare Necessities 3:29:35 ~"Disneyland"~ 73.Yo Ho(A Pirate's Life for Me) 3:31:36 ~"Steamboat Willie"~ 74.Steamboat Willie Medley 3:34:17 ~"Puppy Love"~ 75.Puppy Love 3:36:41 ~"The Three Little Pigs"~ 76.Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf 3:39:39 ~"Frozen"~ 77.Do You Want To Build A Snowman 3:42:38 78.For The First Time In Forever 3:46:18 79.Love Is an Open Door 3:49:55 80.In Summer 3:51:46 81.Let It Go3:52:38 ~"Ratatouille"~ 82.Le Festin 3:57:43 ~"Monsters Inc."~ 83.If I Didn't Have You 4:00:08 84.Boo's Going Home 4:01:58 ~"Toy Story"~ 85.Andy's Birthday 4:04:08 86.You've Got A Friend In Me 4:04:21 ~"Toy Story2"~ 87.When She Loved Me 4:06:36 ~"UP"~ 88.Married Lofe 4:09:43 ~"The Nightmare Before Christmas"~ 89.This is Halloween 4:12:53 ~"Star Wars"~ 90.The Imperial March(Darth Vader's Theme)4:16:08 ~"The Rescuers"~ 91.Someone's Waiting for You 4:19:21 ~"Tarzan"~ 92.You'll Be In My Heart 4:23:30 ~"Princess and the Frog" 93.Almost There 4:27:22 ~"Enchanted"~ 94.True Love's Kiss 4:29:46 95.Happy Working Song 4:33:07 96.That's How You Know 4:35:20 97.So Close 4:39:21 ~"Bambi"~ 98.Love is a Song 4:43:15 ~"Tokyo Disneyland/Tokyo Disney Sea"~ 99.Magical Moments 4:46:05 ~"Pinocchio"~ 100.When You Wish Upon A Star 4:49:44 All songs Arranged and Performanced by kno I wholly forbid the reproduction and manufacturing of my work without permission. Twitter https://twitter.com/knopiano Please subscribe kno Disney Piano Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCunvH2-1iyfjlEVDA8fsBNA

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