diy felt circle cape

Here's what you'll need! EASY CIRCLE CAPE SUPPLIES Thick fabric (Fleece or felt are great) Scissors Fabric glue Needle Thread Button Sewing machine (optional) INSTRUCTIONS Measure the length of your arm. (neck to knuckles) Cut a string to that length, and tie on a piece of chalk. With a large piece of doubled up fabric, draw a half circle using the string and chalk. Cut out the half circle, and set aside the scraps to use for the collar. Fold the half circle into a quarter circle, and use the string again on the other end to cut a 5-inch hole for your head in the top. Unfold the half circle, and either glue the ends together with fabric glue, or sew with a sewing machine. Cut out the shape of collar you want for your cape. Sew or glue the edges together, leaving a small gap to inside out the fabric once dry. Stitch the collar into place on the top. Attach a button or decorative clasp to the collar. Cut and stitch a button hole to the other side of the collar. Enjoy your stylish new cape! Made by BFMP

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