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Remember the old days when the Warner Music Group would claim and block or silence any Youtube videos containing their content? In recent months the Sony Music Corporation and various other companies have put the WMG to shame. Since 2012, many of my videos have been claimed by the SME for using their content and sometimes blocked in Germany. In recent months the situation has worsened to the point that my videos are blocked in over 50 countries, including Australia! Recently, my attempts to dispute and appeal claims on two of my videos has resulted in an automated DMCA. Yes, I said automated. Due such claims filed on even PRIVATE videos and the DMCA strikes occurring only ONE MINUTE after the SME supposedly released their claim, it has become clear that the SME and other entertainment companies probably have computer systems programed to target any Youtube videos containing their content and then censor them. Even one of my videos that does NOT contain copyrighted material has been claimed. So I encourage viewers to mirror this video and take a stand against SME and other companies automated DMCA bots.

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