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Parallel Universe- A MH/EAH stop motion
When Abbey passes out while taking a walk, she wakes up in a world she don't recognize! EXPAND FOR MORE INFO! ~WATCH IN HD!~ INSTAGRAM: ...
BLACKMAIL- A MH/EAH stop motion
Abbey catches Frankie and Jackson committing a crime on camera and uses it to her advantage. EXPAND FOR MORE INFO! ~WATCH IN HD!~ INSTAGRAM: ...
"Find Your Soul Mate" | EAH StopMotion Skit
Sorry if some parts of the audio sound weird, I got a little sick while filming this! But I hope you guys still enjoyed! Btw this video was actually inspired by a Kim ...
"50 Shades of GAAAAAAAY" (An MH/EAH Stopmotion)
Created by Katralissakitty.
Mayhem At The Mall- A MH/EAH Stop Motion
Heath drags the ghouls to the mall and they end up running from the cops! EXPAND FOR MORE INFO! ~WATCH IN HD!~ INSTAGRAM: @popsicles4fun ...
EAH Stop Motion: Friends 「 Viewer Discretion Advised?」
Should I even use the warning label even though there's not really anything bad about this video other than the language?
The Sick Day- A MH/EAH stop motion
When Heath catches the flu, the ghouls spend the whole day looking after him. However, when the tables turn, Heath may not be as loyal.
The singing contest || A MH/EAH stop motion
"No Rules" (An MH and EAH Stopmotion)
Created by Katralissakitty.
Havana - Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug | eah and mh stop motion parody
This is my stop motion remake of Camila Cabello's Havana hope y'all enjoy it!! Please like, comment, and subscribe!!! Music by Madilyn Bailey!