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"Find Your Soul Mate" | EAH StopMotion Skit
Sorry if some parts of the audio sound weird, I got a little sick while filming this! But I hope you guys still enjoyed! Btw this video was actually inspired by a Kim Possible episode lol!!! ...
The ghouls model homemade dresses in my first fashion show ever! Which outfit was your favorite??? Tell me in the comments! EXPAND FOR MORE INFO! ~WATCH IN HD!~ INSTAGRAM: @popsicles4fun...
"50 Shades of GAAAAAAAY" (An MH/EAH Stopmotion)
Created by Katralissakitty.
Happily Never After 1 (EAH Stopmotion)
I am back after three weeks! I'm not dead, don't worry. But my school has been attempting to murder me with homework and projects and exams and stuff. So I may not upload much for a little...
Selena Gomez ~ Good for You (Stop Motion EAH/MH)
song - Good for you Artist- Selena Gomez Company- UMG.
Stay - Zedd, Alessia Cara | EAH Stopmotion
(Reuploaded because of copyright) AM I BECOMING LAZY OR WHAT? Making stopmotions these days have taken me longer than ever! I BLAME SCHOOL BECAUSE OF THE CRAZY TESTING SCHEDULE but also...
Ravens Vlog (an EAH stop motion)
Raven tries vlogging for the first time, but her whole experience is ruined by Apple! tags: ronald mcdonald monster high video stopmotion popsicles4fun yetiabbeybominable youtube online abbey...
Crack Video #1 | MH/EAH Stopmotion
I'm gonna start doing these kinds of vids because I think their funny and I wanna make my viewers laugh so thanks for watching like,comment,and subscribe.
Black Coast - "TRNDSTTR" (A MH/EAH Stopmotion)
Un petit stopmotion un peu spécial car c'est la première vidéo que je poste en 2017 ! :) De plus nous avons atteint les 500 abonné(e)s !! Et ce chiffre est d'autant plus significatif puisque...
Tag You're It (EAH Stopmotion)
This music video was my version of the song and lyrics. Not supporting abduction.