fake kneel

Fake Kneel
This video was recorded via antenna to a TiVo as a live recording in 2009. It was transferred from the Tivo and uploaded without modification at 60fps to ...
Western Kentucky Runs Awesome ‘Fake Kneel Play’ At The End Of First Half, Fakes Out Entire Defense
Western Kentucky may have been watching the Little Giants on the long flight down to Boca Raton Bowl, Florida this week to take on Memphis. With less than a ...
Devin Hester - Johnny Knox Fake punt return
Fake Kneel on Kick Off Return Madden 17
fake spike touch down
Lions VS Cowboys. Lions matthew staffard fakes a spike runs in for touch down winning them the game.
Top 50 Sound FX | #35 Dan Marino's Famous Fake Spike | NFL
Miami Dolphins QB Dan Marino made one of the most memorable plays in regular season football when he caught the Jets napping with this impressive red ...
NFL/NCAA Fake Spike Trick Plays
Fake spikes, I included a few plays from high school, hope you guys don't mind. Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/sports_brick.
1987 DAL@PHI - Buddy Ryan runs up the score
To Fake a Knee Injury and then Propose to Her
This guy just scored in the back of the net, on how it's done. Top 10 proposal ever made on the soccer pitch.
Middle School football trick play
A trick play from a middle school football game in Texas has become a viral Internet sensation. Good Morning Cleveland's Garrett Downing shares the clip with ...