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Tucker Carlson OUTS Bill Nye as Fake Science
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Neil deGrasse Tyson: Flat Earth, Fake Science & Space Exploration
Flat Earthers are out there, so Anthony brought in TACS residential astrophysicist to explain why these theories are dumb. They also discuss private vs.
Fake Science as Pervasive as Fake News
The mainstream science complex is just as corrupt as any political body or the mainstream news. They all live by the common value "Don't let the facts get in the ...
Bill Nye the FAKE Science Guy On Climate Change - Can't Answer Basic "Settled" Science Question
Tucker Carlson Brutally OUTS Bill Nye as a Fake Science Fraud- 'You Don't Know!': Tucker and Bill Nye Clash on Climate Change - Bill Nye the Science Guy ...
42: How Fake News Abets Fake Science—Austin Ruse
There's a new high priestly caste in the cultural worship space whose function is to spout a new ideology, replacing what was once called “science.” The new ...
Space Is Fake They Fooled Us
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How To Spot Pseudoscience
Alien fossils found in a meteorite?! Sounds amazing, but the science isn't there. And that's not the only example of hyped stories turning out to be, well, nothing.
Grand Solar Minimum: Fake Science? 5min intro to Literature
Departing briefly--once!--from the usual focus on self-sufficiency: IAF introduces scientific literature speaking to extended solar minima and predicting our ...
The Moon is Fake I Guess
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Fake Science Just Took A Big Hit In California!
I relish any time when these purveyors of snake-oil get walloped, and in this case... it was completely unintentional!!!!