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NFL/NCAA Fake Spike Trick Plays
Fake spikes, I included a few plays from high school, hope you guys don't mind. Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/sports_brick.
Top 50 Sound FX | #35 Dan Marino's Famous Fake Spike | NFL
Miami Dolphins QB Dan Marino made one of the most memorable plays in regular season football when he caught the Jets napping with this impressive red ...
The Best Fake Spikes Throughout NFL History: Marino, Rodgers and More! | NFL Highlights
Take a look back at some of the best fake spikes in NFL history starting with former Miami Dolphins QB Dan Marino's iconic fake spike against the New York Jets ...
Josh Rosen Fake Spike Game-Winner vs Texas A&M | College Football Highlights
Check out Josh Rosen's fake spike game winning touchdown against Texas A&M to complete a 44-10 comeback by UCLA.
Matthew Stafford's Fake Spike Mic'd Up vs. Cowboys (2013) | #MicdUpMondays | NFL
It's #MicdUpMondays and it's time to take a look at Matthew Stafford's late comeback win against the Dallas Cowboys in the 2013 season with a brilliant fake ...
Dan Marino's Fake Spike & Late Game Heroics | A Football Life | NFL Films
Over his 17-year career Dan Marino made multiple clutch plays including the famous "fake spike" against the New York Jets 1994. Subscribe to NFL Films: ...
"Marino Fake Spike" Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets (Week 13, 1994) | NFL Full Game
In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents: "The Fake Spike" - Dan Marino leads a vicious Dolphins comeback capped off by the infamous "Fake Spike"!
Bens Fake Spike TD Steelers vs Cowboys
Cowboys vs Steelers.
NFL Greatest Fake Spikes (HD)
NFL Fake Spike Plays (HD) Quarterbacks Tricking the Defense!!!! J1:9.
Aaron Rodgers' Fake Spike Play Helps Packers Beat Dolphins
For More Sports News, Subscribe Now!▻▻http://bit.ly/1tJDGaW Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers caught the Miami Dolphins with a fake spike ...