famous bollywood mms scandals

Famous Bollywood MMS Scandals MMS scandals are not new to Bollywood and many stars have come under its shade, some incidentally while few intentionally for publicity. Poonam Pandey MMS Scandal: The controversial queen Poonam, undoubtedly always remains in limelight for her sleazy posts on twitter, but there was a time when the ‘Nasha’ actress got a jolt when an MMS with unknown guy went viral. The MMS clip has Poonam making love with an unknown guy. The two were seen getting cozy on the bed. Most of her media reports termed it as a cheap publicity stunt by the actress. Veena Malik MMS Scandal: The raunchy MMS video clip which did rounds on the internet and mobile phones had this Pakistani bombshell with Indian actor Rajan Verma. But later the actress rubbished the reports claiming that the voices, in a leaked MMS clip featuring her in a compromising position with a co-actor, were tampered. Veena also added that scenes in the video were the part of her flick ‘Zindagi 50-50’. Mona Singh MMS Scandal: In another controversy, ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’ actress Mona Singh came under scanner when a 23-second long video footage went viral having a girl alike her The girl in the footage could be spotted running from one room to another and giving some awkward expressions to the cell phone which is capturing her nude. However, a shocked Mona filed a police complaint at the cyber crime branch saying the video was morphed and she has asked for investigation. Gihana Khan MMS Scandal: Just before the release of a political thriller “Mumbai Mirror”, the main leads Sachin Joshi and Gihana Khan were in lot of buzz with their leaked video. The intimate scenes filmed between the two which were initially supposed to be the part of the flick were leaked and it gained a lot of views on the internet. Shahid and Kareena Kapoor MMS Scandal: Former couple- Shahid and Kareena Kapoor – was caught kissing each other inside a Mumbai night club, and a snoopy customer switched on his cell phone camera. The couple denied that they were in the video and filed a police complaint saying the pictures were morphed and asked for investigation. Even Kareena said in an interview that she belonged to a reputed family and would never do such a thing in public. It is said that it was this MMS clip after which the two broke up. Soha Ali Khan MMS Scandal: In another MMS scandal, Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan was recorded in video when she was undressing in a salon to get a bikini wax. Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel MMS Scandal: They are considered the pioneers of MMS videos in Bollywood. An video of former couple Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen was circulated on mobile phones and internet a few years ago. If rumors were to be believed, Ameesha Patel’s brother Ashmit intentionally circulated the video when he realized that Riya was cheating on him. Soon after the video was out, the two broke off. Although during Bigg Boss season 4, Ashmit cried and told his housemates that the MMS was certainly not morphed but he did not circulate that video. Mallika Sherawat MMS Scandal: The ‘Murder’ actress Mallika Sherawat got herself in controversy when a video, showing her making out with an unidentified man, went viral. Later it was revealed that it was her look alike in the video. Preity Zinta MMS Scandal: Lively and bubbly Preity Zinta also faced similar charge. The five minute long MMS was shot inside a hotel bathroom, where a woman resembling Preity, was taking bath under the shower Preity herself checked the clip and dismissed it as a fake one. She said that she couldn’t have possibly been the woman in the clip as not only was the woman taller and darker than her, she also had a different hairstyle. Isabel Kaif MMS Scandal: Katrina Kaif's sister Isabel Kaif also was caught in the trap. The footage shows a similar woman like her. But later Katrina rubbished the MMS saying that it was a fake clip and her sister Izabelle was studying in New York. Katrina Kaif MMS Scandal: After her sister Izabelle, Katrina was busy getting out of the mess surrounding her with an MMS clip. The leaked clip shows Katrina , although she denied being in the video. Check out the video to know more. Subscribe "Bollywood Mobile Films" channel to watch more of Bollywood Entertainment & News videos at http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bollywoodmobilefilms Follow us on Blog http://fwfindiabmf.blogspot.in Facebook Updates https://www.facebook.com/FwfindiaBMF Twitter Updates https://twitter.com/FwfindiaBMF Follow us on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/FwfindiaBMF Follow us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+FwfindiaBMF

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