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Enjoy this super fan sound producing fan white noise for 10 hours of sleep fan noise from these two industrial shop fans. I sleep to a fan noise every night, so I understand the value of a good sleep video producing sounds for sleeping. These heavy duty metal fans will block out other sounds so you can concentrate on the fan white noise and fall sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Thank you to everyone for almost 2 million views !!! This is the same fan fan on "high" and "low" at the same time, for the best of both worlds ! This video was made for a subscriber who left an awesome comment. In his comment on the original video of this fan, he said:"Couldn't decide whether to go for the low or high speed super fan last night. So I ended up playing both at the same time. Wow, it just blew my mind..." Enjoy However his browser would crash trying to keep both pages of the fan running at the same time. So I loaded up both fan videos into my editing software, which was sony vegas. I then blended both video tracks as best I could at the time, and both audio tracks. I played around with the equalizer settings on the audio, until I felt the sound from both fan videos was in a natural resonance. Now you can have the best of both worlds in the same video! #fanwhitenoise #fansound #fannoise To see all of my fan videos, click here: New, Relaxing Videos, Every Friday! I appreciate this opportunity to help you relax, sleep and find overall well being. -Randall

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