fourth dimension

Imagining the Fourth Dimension
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4th Dimension - Tesseract, 4th Dimension Made Easy - Carl Sagan
From the epic Cosmos by Carl Sagan: (US). For UK: | Canada: | This short video clip shows Carl Sagan explaining the 4th...
4th Dimension Explained By A High-School Student
There are many theories out there. This is one of those theories. Inspired by Flatlands.
4th Dimension explained
Attempting to view a 4th dimensional object with our 3rd dimensional eyes.
Four Dimensional Maths: Things to See and Hear in the Fourth Dimension with Matt Parker
Matt Parker, comedian and mathematician, shows how four-dimensional shapes appear in a 3D world in this hands-on talk, featuring what is possibly the world's nerdiest knitted hat! Subscribe...
A Beginner's Guide to the Fourth Dimension
Math can be weird sometimes, usually when it goes against some of our most common knowledge, yet still can make sense. This is one of those times.
Stephen Hawking - The Fourth Dimension
Stephen Hawking explains the dimensions of space and time. Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking - Time Travel This video belongs to Discovery Communications and is being used for educationa...
4D Toys: a box of four-dimensional toys, and how objects bounce and roll in 4D
Out now for iOS [] and Steam (Vive VR or Mouse+Keyboard) [] Showing 4D Toys and an explanation of how 4D objects would look like and bounce around...
Fourth Dimension - The Perfect Form [Full Album]
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What does a 4D creature look like?
The 4th dimension beings exit and live on this planet today! This creatures are like no other because they can see and move though objects. Are you familiar with them?