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New album out now - Spotify: iTunes: ---- Keep your lips away from me. I don’t want to feel your touch. Because your heart is lacking truth, and your words don’t come from love. I’d say mess with someone else, but that’s not something that you need. Because your soul is bent for hell, and your heart has been diseased. I know that I’m not perfect, but I’m far from worthless. You’ll need more than curves to make me care. You’re trying to control me. Bringing up the old me. honey we both know that’s not fair. You just made a perfect man inside your mind and you got mad when I could not compare. There is blood stains on my clothes, but it don’t come from my wrist. It just trickles down my nose, when I think about your kiss. We can never be together, because you’ll never understand that I am not less human because I’m not a perfect man. I am not a perfect man.

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