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Compilation of Daenerys Targaryen's themes from Game Of Thrones Original Soundtrack composed by Ramin Djawadi. Tracklist 00:00 Love in The Eyes 04:01 When The Sun Rises In The West 06:41 Fire and Blood 11:11 Finale 13:42 House of The Undying 18:46 Mother of Dragons 21:22 Dracarys 24:14 Mhysa 28:09 Breaker of Chains 32:14 Meereen 35:08 Forgive Me 37:39 Blood of The Dragon 39:13 Dance of Dragons 42:21 Khaleesi 45:27 I Need You by My Side 48:02 Blood of My Blood 51:37 Reign 54:53 Winds of Winter Buy it on Itunes: All rights reserved to HBO & Ramin Djawadi.

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