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JELLY GUMMY BEAR► We are sure you love to relax in the middle of the wilderness, camp in a forest, travel to other places and discover incredible landscapes. Normally you have a plan for that kind of adventures and everything you need with you: a backpack full of food, warm clothes, liquids and a group of great friends with you. But imagine the following situation: you are lost in an unknown place, surrounded by wild nature and no one is with you. In addition, your devices have no signal or are discharged, and there are no lights on the horizon. You'll probably panic, cry out for help and start screaming, like if you had seen a monster. But the best thing to do is to calm down: now we are going to tell you how to survive in the most extreme situations and not starve to death. Today we will talk about the easiest way to get food: fishing. But we're not talking about normal fishing: we're going to teach you a couple of clever methods to catch fish without tools or hooks. You can probably try to survive by eating plants, but fish is a better option. So here we have 10 methods of fishing without a hook.

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