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Top 10 Alternative/ Goth Youtubers
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Goth YouTubers: Materialism, Hive Mind, and Sphere of Influence
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Gothic Homemaking Presents: Gothic Youtubers VS Depression and Suicide
Please join It's Black Friday, ReeRee Phillips and myself in this extremely frank discussion about depression and suicide. If you are thinking about killing yourself, please do speak to a...
YouTubers I Hate. (and Why!!)
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The Truth About Being a Youtuber
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A Gothic Youtuber Ramble
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I never thought I would want to know how to hit the quan, but all my lovely viewers showed me I am just meant to be quanning my way through life. I hope this video helps you become a professional...
Goth to Basic White Girl Transformation | Black Friday
Ugg Boots! Starbucks! Taking on a stereotype. How'd I do this time? :p * UniWigs: use code SH10 for 12% off * Kat von D Beauty: ☥ Become a Belfry...
Goth Youtubers Life (Comedy Sketch)
Goth YouTubers life, what is that like? Jaclyn & Richie are a sad YouTuber couple that has made over 30 videos about me, Onision, but still insists that I am "in love" with them. So, I turned...
Youtubers I Love (and why!!)
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