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There will always be inconsistencies with movies made about the Bible stories. Still, this is by far the most accurate account of these stories that has been put to film. As always, test it with your KJV Bible. Shalom and Agape AND STOP BELIEVING IN NEPHILIM GNOSTIC FALSE HERESIES. There were NO angels that mated with human women. That is jesuit nazi theology Please also watch this incredible Movie Called "The Radicals - Story of the Anabaptist Quest for Freedom." It is the True History of the persecution of Bible keeping Christians at the hands of the Catholic Church. Also MORMONISM IS A LIE AND FREEMASONRY IN DISGUISE. Dont be fooled. I have ad blocker enabled but it has come to my attention that a stupid mormon add is playing before this movei. This is only the enemy trying to confound the message and mislead young babes.

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