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SUBSCRIBE HERE ►► All the Easter Eggs and References from Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 you can possibly bloody imagine! Plus Stan Lee's role and all the post credits scenes, Sylvestor Stallone and the appearances of the original Guardians 3000, easter eggs relating to Ego The Living Planet, Mantis, the Multiverse, Yondu origins, links to Star Wars, David Hasselhoff and a whole lot more. Visit and enter promo code MRSUNDAYMOVIES for 20% off any purchase. Wonder Woman Easter Eggs ► The Future Of Marvel Netflix ► Fixing Rogue One ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Patreon ► T-Shirts/Merch ► The Weekly Planet iTunes ► The Weekly Planet YouTube ► The Weekly Planet Direct Download ► Complete List Of Easter Eggs Characters Star Lord's Father, Celestials, Howard the duck, Taser face, Grandpa Quill, Cosmo the Space Dog, Original Guardians 300 Team, Stallone, Star Hawk, Martinex T'Naga, Stan Lee, The Watcher Locations Multiverse, Kree provinces, Berhert, Contraxia, Xander Comic Links Drax, Yondu Finn and Arrow, Nebula, Kronans, Korg, Thor Ragnarok, Eternity Other properties Empire Strikes Back, Farscape, Mary Poppins, Pac man, Skeletor, Heather Locklear, Mattel Classic Football, Galaga, Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff, Cheers

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