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SORRY IF I DIDNT INCLUDE A CERTAIN GENRE, BUT THIS IS JUST A YOUTUBE VIDEO NOT EVERY SINGLE GENRE CAN BE FEATURED WITHOUT THE VIDEO BEING TOO LONG If you have questions or remarks please put them in the comments, I read them requently. The songs used are mentionned by artist and track in the video itself. I don't own any of the songs, rights go to the artists. Some more genres that didn't make the cut: Aggrotech Breakcore Dark Electro Dutch House Eurotrance Future Bass Future House Grime Hands Up Happy Hardcore Jumpstyle Jump-up DnB Melodic Dubstep Moombacore Speedcore/Terrorcore Tech Trance Tropical House Witch House If you want to discover more electronic music, visit It's an internet radio with over 80 genre channels. I use it everyday, so be sure to check it out!

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