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Miss Kapoor remembers the past and the reason she killed her father, Businessman (Shakti Kapoor)
Miss Kapoor remembers the past of how her father (Shakti Kapoor) caught her, with her girlfriend and the way he was ashamed of her being a Lesbian.
Shakti Kapoor at his best
Check out Shakti Kapoor and his acting at the best.
Gul Panag & Sharam Joshi Best Intimate Scene - Hello Movie
Watch this very hot & sensuous Bollywood intimate scene from the super hit blockbuster Hindi movie "Hello" starring : Sharman Joshi, Sohail Khan, Isha ...
Shakti Kapoor Hindi Movie Scene - Naughty At 40
Watch Shakti Kapoor Takes Off Babes Shirt - Naughty At 40. Enjoy as Shakti Kapoor shows vaccuum cleaner to a woman customer and sucks her shirt with it.
Shakti Kapoor at his best...
Shakti Kapoor at his best. Movie : Ishaara - A Dangerous Mission Stars: Angeilla Dobson, Milind Gunaji, Shakti Kapoor, Mohan Joshi Director: Dharam Writer: S.
Bollywood $ex Scandal Compilation
Bollywood $ex Scandal Compilation - Behind the glitz and glamour of the tinsel town lies a world of dark secrets, casting couches and sleazy sagas. Check out ...
Badmashoon Ki Basti (Rape Scene)
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Shakti Kapoors Head In Skirt Of A Chick - Naughty At 40
Watch Shakti Kapoors Head In Skirt Of A HotChick - Naughty At 40. Enjoy Shakti Kapoor getting beaten as he slips and his head goes in skirt of a Hotchick.